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Excuse Me, I'm Trying To Please You

Directed by Vern Griffiths

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‘Fiona Paul has written a fantastic, one woman, monologue-performing, spoof-song singing masterpiece. Pure pleasure’ *****

'Scarily Inventive..Very Pleasurable Indeed' THE STAGE

'Brilliant' **** BROADWAY BABY

'Hugely Pleasurable'  Annals of the Edinburgh Stage

'Everyone Found Themselve Dancing Home' Buxton Fringe

Winner of the Forever Manchester Award

‘Pleasure Level 10 had definitely been reached. She uses her impeccable comedic timing, and her powerful beautiful voice to help us get up there’

‘If any of you get the chance to see Fiona Paul in action then I urge you to do so.’ Charlotte Mack

With lashings of irony and confident self-awareness, this show aims to please, and get its audience to Pleasure Level 10. Character monologues, bizarre stories, and spoof songs that explore the sometimes awkwardly familiar and dark side of human nature.   The show is packed with, bubbles, ballet, death threats, cakes made with the wrong vegetables, motivational speaking, glamorous, sinister, bizarre, moving and provocative characters. The songs include seductive cabaret numbers, opera and even in an in-house party.   Are you pleased YET? 

Fiona wants to please you; she wants to take you to pleasure level 10; and she’ll go to practically any lengths to do it….

Kiss a duck, Sing about cheese, Make a small boy cry, Encourage you to walk your Jack Russell, She’ll even brave the advances of Danny, enormous son of the one-toothed Rosemary. Synchronise your pleasure levels, as monologues and songs explore the wonderful, weird nature of real people.

This show includes a free jaffa cake